Survey for Research on Dealing with Unmet Expectations for Smart Home Use

A fellow academic from Newcastle University (Davit Marikyan) reached out to us to ask for support for their research. If you read our site, please check out and fill out the survey and help with their research:

Here is a project description they forwarded to us:

Research Project Title: Smart Home Use: Dealing with Unmet Expectations

The purpose of this research is to explore the smart home technology use experience and subsequent behaviour. This study aims to explore behaviour of individuals who experienced discomfort after the smart home technology use. Particularly, we want to understand how individuals behaved in incidents when smart home technologies did not perform as expected. For example, the incidents include but are not limited to malfunctioning of smart home technologies, unauthorised order of expensive products through devices with linked bank accounts, untimely software updates disrupting the technology functioning, cloud/system failures, private data leakage and etc.. Further, we want to understand how people dealt with those incidents to address disconfirmed expectations and achieve overall satisfaction.

This project is being undertaken by Davit Marikyan (PhD), Professor Savvas Papagiannidis and Dr Eleftherios Alamanos from Newcastle University. The research team has several research projects in the pipeline focusing on smart homes. The current survey is being undertaken with the purpose to inform academic and practitioners’ community on the ways how to improve users’ experience and provide empirical data explaining the factors influencing users’ satisfaction. In case if you would like to explore the projects of the research team, please browse the website

Please follow the link to take part in the survey

Please be assured that all answers are anonymous and kept confidential.

New Video: 4 Studio, 3 Wireless Headphones, 1 Surprise - Testing quality and could we sleep in them?

This was a pretty spontanous production inspired by a big clean-up operation by our special camera guy and editor Sylvio from Granmidia. He found lots of headphones used for studio production and thought we could give it a spin and maybe a funny twist here in the IoTempire. I threw in a couple of my own as well as a little surprise, and we were ready to shoot. Unfortunately, it got a little longer than expected, but we think there are still lots of funny moments to explore.

Do you like the reviewing style?

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Techunboxing: From Sleepable Headphones to DIY Phone

Finally, some time to take a look at all the tech that came in recently. Join me on this little (hopefully entertaining) journey to unpack everything and please share your ideas what you would like to see me build next with all of this.

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Going live

The site has been up in its new layout for a couple of weeks and it has been approved by the council members to be a good starting point. We would need some more images to make the site a bit more attractive, please share your ideas.

So without further ado, we hereby declare the IoTempire formed.

Welcome to our page and our community. Feel free to get in touch with us and share your ideas, questions, and requests with us.

Notable is also the re-incarnation of UlnoIoT as IoTempower - our vehicle (teaching framework) for onboarding new community members who want to learn IoT.

IoTempower has also just been successfully used in an arts workshop at NANO at UFRJ in Rio de Janeiro as well as a follow-up artist camp to monitor bee hives. We received tons of encouraging feedback and welcome them and their questions and discussions in our community discussion groups.

Ulno is heading to Austria to teach Home and Building automation in Linz, Austria using IoTempower - some reports, active students, and contributions are expected to show up here soon.

We will very soon have some new YouTube videos for you and are going to talk about the Labrador (a revolutionary open-source all Brazilian Single Board Computer).

Stay tuned!

Logo and forums, nearing draft

This shall be our first post here.

Good news, I (ulno) got some time to create some initial content for preparing the launch.

Now, we have our first forums on Facebook and (check communities), we have some mission statement, and even some resources to learn more about IoT.

And, extremely important, we have a logo (thanks for everybody who voted on it):


Stay tuned, we will go live soon!