Going live

The site has been up in its new layout for a couple of weeks and it has been approved by the council members to be a good starting point. We would need some more images to make the site a bit more attractive, please share your ideas.

So without further ado, we hereby declare the IoTempire formed.

Welcome to our page and our community. Feel free to get in touch with us and share your ideas, questions, and requests with us.

Notable is also the re-incarnation of UlnoIoT as IoTempower - our vehicle (teaching framework) for onboarding new community members who want to learn IoT.

IoTempower has also just been successfully used in an arts workshop at NANO at UFRJ in Rio de Janeiro as well as a follow-up artist camp to monitor bee hives. We received tons of encouraging feedback and welcome them and their questions and discussions in our community discussion groups.

Ulno is heading to Austria to teach Home and Building automation in Linz, Austria using IoTempower - some reports, active students, and contributions are expected to show up here soon.

We will very soon have some new YouTube videos for you and are going to talk about the Labrador (a revolutionary open-source all Brazilian Single Board Computer).

Stay tuned!