IoT and Arts


We have observed that arts can facilitate in multiple regards in the space of Internet of Things. Potentially as mitigator, motivator, creative inspiration, bridge between industry and makers, job motor, or source of understanding and experimentation. In this community, we want to especially support people, who combine arts and engineering with artifacts from the Internet of Things, but of course also anybody who enjoys the arts and is willing to support us.


This is a subproject of iotarts around interactivity with displays helping the viewers to reflect on their identity.

It was initiated at George Mason University. An interactive mural from 3600 LEDs which can interact with the Internet and of course its intermediate environment.

More about it here:


We are convinced that the maker and doer community is playing a major role for shaping the Internet of Things. In the industrial context, they are often overlooked. The remixing culture seems very contrarian to the classic industrial product development approach, however new ideas from Shenzhen & Co seem ro prove this theory wrong.

3D printing, re-mixing, crafts, or short making is an important part of designing and building IoT systems. Therefore, we are trying to provide here a lot of projects to repeat yourself or in your company setting to facilitate your own IoT systems design and development.


This includes sophisticated documentation and instructions.

We consider making good teaching material and video instructions an art. Therefore, we count several designers, musicians, and videographers among our active supporters.