The council consists of the people, who feel a bit more committed to the IoTempire community than the average. You can address them for specific concern and wishes regarding this community (and this community site). If you are interested to fill a council role, please let us know (but remember: with great power comes great responsibility).

  • ulno, Ulrich Norbisrath (on LinkedIn): This community page is hosted by ulno, he is its main author and founder of the IoTempire, actively teaching and developing many of the classes and instructional material provided on this page.

  • michael, Michael Schloh von Bennewitz: Author and founder of IoTempire.

  • daniel, Daniel Plotrino: Author and IoT consultant.

  • chris, Chris Bennett: Author and innovation lawyer.

  • reed, Reed Griffith: Author and artist.

  • renato, Renato Perotto: Author, teacher, and artist.

  • dalton, Dalton Oliviera: Author and IoT evangelist.